The art of the staple


I'm the sort of person that has to plan ahead. I pack for a holiday 2 weeks before takeoff and I need a few days' notice if you expect me to do something spontaneous. But my struggle (and yes I'm being facetious) was made easier some time ago when I realised you can guarantee a degree of happy continuity by just ensuring you always have a few basics on hand from which to build. Reflecting on a long period of my past, here's a few things I now realised were - and still are - a constant in my armoury:



Converse Chuck Taylor high tops

I've lived through baggy jeans, drainpipes, hoodies, centre partings and god knows what else and the single most universal item throughout has been Chuck Taylors. Old, young, punk, hippy, square; everyone looks sorted in a pair of CTs and it's not because they're middle of the road, it's because somehow they just make sense. I currently have two pairs in my wardrobe and can't remember a time when there wasn't at least one.




My love for Levis begun with Sta Prest and moved on to Twists before I eventually realised all I needed was in a pair of 501s. The thing with 501s is you can kind of cheat on account of the fact there are several different fits and a range of colours & shades. And let's face it; as far as brands go, Levis just have 'cool' down to a T.



Clinique Happy

Happy has a light, bouncy, unceasingly optimistic citrus feel to it that I'm a big fan of. It lends itself to sunshine and daylight hours but the most obvious qualities are threefold: it smells really nice, it lasts all day and it doesn't cost the earth.



Checked shirt

Alright, the checks get bigger, smaller, become more/less tartan or plaid, the fit gets baggier, tighter etc etc etc but at the heart of it there's something that works; check seems to tie together statements like 'worker', 'explorer', 'general laid back all-rounder' but kept crisp can be easily dressed up. Another thing I have permanently in my wardrobe.



Ray Ban Aviators

They're an awesome timeless classic and everyone knows it. That is all.



Blended whiskey

If you read future posts you'll learn about my continuing education re whisky but my ongoing passion started with your simple blend, of which there are many. A current favourite is Monkey Shoulder - it just so easy to drink - and I've just discovered Haig Club which is also smoothly irresistible. And yes, I know this bottle is empty. It was nice, we had fun.

There is no reason whatsoever why this post should be of use to you - you might well disagree with all of the above but what can I say, I'm an over-sharer and today is no exception. What would be on your list?