Omega is so hot right now

Here are a few reasons why the Swiss giant is killing it without really needing to do anything new.


I don't think it's a stretch to say that everyone - even non-watch lunatics - has heard of Omega. But now more than ever they are everywhere you turn. Omega has enjoyed being one of the best-known luxury watch brands in the World for several decades. Current models sell for thousands but generally not tens of thousands making them what us geeks refer to as 'affordable luxury' (I know, I know, me neither, it’s a relative thing). As a rule they sit just behind the other
mainstream Swiss watch colossus Rolex in terms of pricing.

So why is now a great time to invest in an Omega? Well, first of all one of the most popular Bonds in history - Daniel Craig - is about to wear one as he makes his 007 swansong (ok I'm not sure whether this is official yet but Craig's been sporting a white dial Seamaster every-where for about a year). It will be a big movie and you can bet there will be some Seamaster action in there. It's almost 25 years since Bond switched from Rolex to Omega with Pierce Brosnan leading the new charge in 1995 for Golden eye.


Perhaps (definitely) more importantly: 2019 marks 50 years since the Speedmaster was the first watch on the moon. ON THE MOON!!! Walter Schirm - an American astronaut of Swiss origin - wore his Speed master into orbit in 1962 and three years later the Speedmaster was deemed by NASA to be the only wristwatch suitable for space. When Neil Armstrong took mankind's first steps on the moon his Speedmaster was... hung up in the Lunar Module to replace the craft's broken clock!! Not what you were expecting? Well don’t worry, good old Buzz Aldrin stepped out too it was wearing his, so it's still legit. Handsome devils Ryan Gosling and Corey Stoll are now appearing as Armstrong & Aldrin in First Man; I haven’t seen it yet but I hope the watch is in there and I hope they get the details right!


As a dive watch fan I had my eye on the Omega Seamaster ‘pre bond’ 300 quartz model 18 months ago and at £500 there were plenty available at the right price. Try finding that model now for less than £1,300…why did I not buy it?!!!!! This already legendary brand is about to see some very public milestones and that's why if you're thinking of getting involved you'd better be quick before prices soar!

I leave you with a little pic of my own Omega dress watch from the 1950s. It’s classy, perfect and timeless (if you discount the fact it’s 34mm unlike the behemoths of today, but they will shrink again…mark my words!).


Photos by:

Salon QP (Omega Seamaster on Nato strap, visit their shop for details)

History in HD (Astronauts)

Jose Carrasco (Omega Speedmaster)

Tom Corneill (Omega dress watch)