Naming your babies is tough!


It’s ok, we’re still talking watches, sorry if I worried you there.

I make watches that are totally undividual. Yes, most of the parts come off production lines but I gather them up, design the look and hand-assemble each one either to a requested spec or to suit whatever mood I’m in. And usually one of my collection of vintage dials, which really, really sets off the unique look.

Anyway, I feel like every time I finish one of my little projects, there’s something…a name! What would set off your unique timepiece better than knowing it has a unique name?!

This particular fixation started with Rolex’s ‘The Hulk’, which is one of the most beautiful green watches you’ll ever see. I noticed homage versions use the same handle and apparently without risk of a copyright dust-up, so I did the same for a few of mine. But it didn’t feel right. I needed my own thing.

So how do I pick a theme? I like travel. Countries? Islands? Seas would be a good one…but there’s a limited catalogue. I’m passionate about wildlife…nah. I kept coming back to the old comic books. Is it original? Well, the world’s most famous watch manufacturer has a Hulk and a Batman so no.

Guess what? I don’t care. I’m a geeky 12 year old boy at heart and I love vintage heroes & villains so it’s sticking. The picture above is of my newest creation and I’m calling him ‘Juggernaut’. My current green issue? The Green Arrow. I also have a Colossus and a Silver Surfer.

My inner geek is satisfied. Have a look at my little creations on instagram @thebritishwristologist