What to say?

I’m the sort of person who feels the need to say things and get my thoughts out into the world. I’m also the sort of person who overthinks things and ends up silencing myself or toning it down so as not to offend people who feel differently. I get a little mixed up.

But fuck it. Sometimes – just sometimes – things need to be said (and sometimes maybe they don’t, but you’re big enough filter out which is which, right?). I started a blog because I felt like sharing, but then after starting it I got all tangled up in “What is my point?” and more frustratingly “What’s my brand? What should songwriter TC be saying?” And true to form I eventually shut myself down and say nothing. Bollocks.

So, to sort of realign my chakras and all that, here are 10 things I haven’t been saying lately/for a while but that I should have:

  1. Don’t keep birds in cages you idiots. Don’t let currently caged birds out either mind, they’ll just get eaten by buzzards now. But don’t pay money to see birds in cages and for christ’s sake don’t buy one. (I’m not sure about Racing/homing pidgeons, they get good beds and lots of exercise so I’m pretty sure they’re ok.)
  2. You don’t need to call them ‘guilty pleasures’. It’s ok to wear a The Clash tshirt and still want sing along to ‘love yourself’ by Justin Beiber because it’s a cracking tune. I recently formed part of an event playing all the most awesome (predominantly rock) tunes from the 90s and guess what got the biggest ovation of the night…’Back for good’ by Take That. Why? Because it’s a bloody brilliant song, I wish I’d written it. That new single by Harry Styles is also really quite good. It goes on a bit and apparently took 5 writers but it’s a definite singalong. So, no guilt; just pleasure.
  3. I really miss TFI Friday.
  4. Give a little donation to homeless people. “But that’s not solving the problem. And they’ll just spend it on drugs…” Well do you know how to solve the problem? And are you doing anything to help it? Exactly. But that 50p in your pocket could make an unbearably cold, wet night a helluva lot more bearable for another human being whether they put it towards a tea, a beer or even – shock horror – a night in a shelter. Talk to them too, so what if you miss the bus, there’s another one in 10 minutes and that conversation might be the difference between him/her feeling any kind of love that day. I was told this recently by a lovely guy called Alby who was destined for a night under the stars.
  5. A couple of paragraphs ago I accidentally typed Take That’s 90’s hit as ‘Black for good’ and now I can’t help but imagine it as an anthem for a hard-line 60s civil rights movement. And I find that really funny.
  6. ‘Antiphon’ by Midlake is simply sublime. It’s been out for ages but my good friend Jim Copperthwaite turned me onto it after I pointed him towards Midlake. It has made me totally re-evaluate how I approach music. Please listen to it, you might like it too.
  7. It’s creepy how ‘Friends’ just isn’t on the telly anymore. I wonder if they’ll suddenly re-release the whole collection but only in ultra-HD mindray futurevision and you’ll have to cash in your pension to buy it, until the following week when that guy in your office has put it on a USB for you.
  8. This one is a little personal. INVEST IN MUSIC!!! If you like it, fucking buy it, please! If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me “Why aren’t you making millions out of that wonderful music?!“…well I wouldn’t be a millionaire but I’d still have a boatload more than I’ve made out of my releases. And why? Because people download for free. If that’s you, well done: you killed it. You are the reason so many incredible artists have to quit. It’s ok, we can forgive, but just stop it ok? Music is cheap now, pull your finger out and show some real support.
  9. I want to be a veggie – and I try really hard – but I can’t give up the occasional KFC. It’s not up for discussion, I just can’t do it. Judge me accordingly.

Thanks for reading. If you got this far then you now know me a little better and I might make a bit more sense. And I’m really, genuinely, grateful.

TC x