Let’s begin. Again.

I broke my back a year ago.

In a freak accident I fell 20 foot onto a concrete floor and fractured my spine and completely shattered my left heel. Cue some thinking time…

Over the last few years I’ve fallen in and out of love not so much with music but with the job that is ‘staying present & current as a credible artist’. I don’t know if you realise, but I’m not actually rich or famous; I have a job (fortunately one I like) and a house that always needs work and in between I have to find time to be creative, commit songs to a recording, book some gigs and – this is the hardest bit by far – try to get some people to turn up & listen. It’s not easy. And it can be lonely too, finishing work, driving solo across the country to set up my gear, be friendly to the inquisitive potential audience members while trying to get ‘in the zone’, and then pray that no fuses blow,  strings break etc. First world problems? Perhaps, but real for me and lots of others like me.

Anyway, when I got all busted up a year ago I ended up with time to think. You’re expecting me to say I was then visited by Jeff Buckley’s ghost who told me to keep going, but it doesn’t really happen like that does it. More accurately, I came to my senses very slowly and considered that maybe I don’t need to be killing myself with hundreds of miles and lonely nights – how about I try using this internet thing a bit more? Videos, pictures, posts…I think I can do some of that.

So, I’m going to spend a bit more time on here, sharing, saying thank you, seeing what happens. Let’s see how long I can stick to this new regime…will you help?

Speak soon.


PS – here’s a few pics from this weekend; a diverse, incredible, old-fashioned gigging couple of days meeting hundreds of old & new faces. Thank you everyone for showing some love x